First rule of dealing with hot vampire bodyguards? Don’t fall in love. You guys thought the Vampire theme is tired out? Oh, no. Temple West’s vamps will not blind you by sparkling under the sun or burst into flames. And in the place of cheesy “romantic” lines, is banter for days. It doesn’t hurt that our heroine, Caitlin, is a snarky little thing. And then there’s that hot, sexy loner half-vampire bodyguard Adrian De La Mara. Adrian is thee best little spoon, trust me, you’ll want to meet this guy. Oh, and he also defies the laws of physics. Just throwing that out there because I love it when he talks science to me Caitlin. He might not give my Adrian Ivashkov a run for his money (yet), but it’s still early as there will be TWO MORE BOOKS in this series trilogy! I can’t wait to see what will happen next! Happy day of birth, Velvet!

velvetVelvet by Temple West
Young Adult Paranormal

First rule of dealing with hot vampire bodyguards? Don’t fall in love.

After losing both her parents before age seventeen, aspiring designer Caitlin Holte feels like her whole world has been turned upside down, and that was before the terrifying encounter with a supernatural force. Then, she learns that her hot bad-boy neighbor, Adrian—who might have just saved her life—is actually a half-demon vampire.

Suddenly Caitlin is stuck with a vampire bodyguard who feels that the best way to protect her is to become her pretend boyfriend. Trouble is, Caitlin is starting to fall in love for real, while Adrian can never love a human. Caitlin trusts Adrian to keep her safe from his demon father, but will he be able to protect her heart?

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velvet setting

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velvet places

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Adrian’s family’s mansion has freaking rolling ladders in their gigantic library. And they play tag on them in there. Party at the De La Mara’s!

velvet places 6

There is a whole scientific explanation for the creation and “biology” so-to-speak of the vampires, but here’s a few quick facts.

  • Immortal, but can be killed (although it’s hard to kill them)
  • They only drink blood because their bodies can’t produce it
  • Possesses the ability of Compulsion
  • Are born, not made
  • Heal very quickly
  • Do NOT sparkle nor burst into flames

Okay, so those facts may be very universal, but I can’t give them all away. Besides, it’s sexier when Adrian goes all Bill Nye and explains everything about their species.

This is where Adrian’s vampire side comes from–his father, a demon. Here’s a fact about them:

  • Feeds off of human emotions

velvet quotes 2

“When you say hemoglobin I just think of little Irish tricksters who lives in caves, or Lord of the Rings.”
“You mean goblin?” — Temple West, Velvet (ARC pg. 114)

“Yes,” he smiled. “But we call it compulsion.”
I leaned back. “So, basically, you’re telling me you can do Jedi mind tricks.” — Temple West, Velvet (ARC pg. 117)

Compulsion reminds me of the Vampire Diaries. Which reminds me… I’m so not ready for the season finale BYE.

Where Adrian is a Harley-riding, closeted nerd, Caitlin is an art and fashion person, and she can spin any fabric into something to wear.

Caitlin’s cape for the Halloween party
Caitlin’s Cinderella dress
Can’t forget about “The Green Thing” 😉
A very Caitlin outfit
A very Adrian sweater
velvet quotes 1
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velvet quotes 5

velvet quotes 7

velvet quotes 6

ADRIAN DE LA MARA LITTLE SPOON, EVERYBODY. He will never live this down.

velvet quotes 8
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Okay, so maybe Adrian isn’t always a smooth-talker with the ladies, but his honesty is part of his charm.

velvet quotes 3
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This is the type of thing I say to my best friends, so you can probably see why this is my favorite part of their fake relationship. And there is more banter a plenty.

(Image Source)

In honor of finals week/month, that one’s for you kiddo’s.

How about one last quote…

“I only embarrass you when it’s necessary.” — Temple West, Velvet (ARC pg. 137)

Sounds like something mom would say, not someone like Adrian de la Little Spoon.

There’s 3 more parts to the book trailer, and they can be found on Temple West’s YouTube channel.

The debut author of the YA paranormal romance Velvet is as nerdy in real life as she is on the Twitter. Armed with a very shiny English degree, she spent four months in Oxford holed up at the Radcliffe Camera amongst the hush of ancient books and the rich musk of academia. Returning to Los Angeles, she acquired a concurrent degree in film, mostly as an excuse to write essays about The Princess Bride and Hook. She can sew (poorly), drive stick (please fasten your seatbelt), and mostly lift her feet off the ground while stuttering into first gear on a very small motorcycle. She currently lives in Seattle and is the proud mother to a one-year-old laptop and a vintage Remington typewriter.

Check out the footer to find her on Swoon Reads, Goodreads, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter. Or you can pre-order her book, if you’re into pre-ordering AWESOME THINGS.

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4 thoughts on “Velvet

  1. I’ll admit, the Tim Gunn reference has me hooked. 😉 The De La Mara mansion looks absolutely amazing as well. Vampires being born and not made? That’s a first–I’m intrigued. And ha, I own an Elder Wand as well. 😛 LOL at the spooning quote–so adorable. And goodbye to you, you horrible Chemistry book! (Chemistry is one of the most difficult subjects for me, so yes, it did deserve it.)

    Fantastic story diary today, Genissa! 🙂

    • Oh, there are references a plenty in this book! That mansion (the library and foyer in particular) gosh, can we live there? It’s every book lovers dream! And yes, that spooning scene cracked me up, Adrian will never live that down.

      Then the whole vampire bit. Trust me, the whole being born, not made part is only the beginning of the scientific explanation that kind of differed a bit from the vampires we have met before. It’s definitely an interesting spin on it.

      Thanks for the compliment, Aimee, glad you like! 🙂

    • The banter was easily the best part of this book. It had me in a laughing fit on several occasions. Especially the spooning scene lol… Adrian will never live that down. It was kind of like tag. They are hooked up on some harness and jump and flip from ladder to ladder. It sounds like a lot of fun!

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