Firstly, I want to wish Dreamology a very happy book birthday! It’s Lucy Keating’s debut that just released today, and I have a YA lit meme for Dreamology (and Oreo cake + pizza) to celebrate! Dreamology is such a perfectly fitting title for this book–It has a blend of dreams and psychology that makes this story fun and interesting. It’s an imaginative and dreamy tale that any dreamer will absolutely eat up. Personally, sleep psychology has always fascinated me because of my dream bleeding and lucid dreaming tendencies, so I was immediately drawn in to this story. It’s a total trip to seep into the characters dreams and try to differentiate it from reality, you guys (not to mention basking in the swoony-ness of Max). I read it back in August and its still fresh in my mind; I enjoyed it *that* much. So go forth and read it, eat it, fall in love with Max and dream about it!

dreamology 1

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**quotes on graphics are from an uncorrected advanced review copy and is subject to change in final copy**


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